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Favorite Balloon Creations

Slappy The Clown is a Super Duper Fast Balloon Twister ! Children love to watch him do it because he can make most of his funny balloon creations in less than 30 seconds. He even makes a few of these in less than 10 seconds. When children see Slappy The Clown's fast, little fingers turning balloons into funny animals, they all want to know...

"What's Slappy The Clown Making Now??"

Take a sneaky peak at a  few of Slappy The Clown's very favorite balloon creations that children love the most! Click on each one to see it.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Willy The Wiener Dog
Porky Pig
Curious George The Monkey
Flower Bracelet - Girls' Absolute Favorite!
Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Pistol
Scary Godzilla
Bugs Bunny
Ally The Hungry Alligator
Kermit The Frog
The Pretty Mermaid
Mini Mouse
The Big Beautiful Flower
Count Dracula - He is Ready To BITE!
Pierre The Very, Very Special French Caterpillar
Sally The Silly Swan
The World's Cutest Teddy Bear!
Rocky The Naughty Parrot
GI-HUGIC Baseball Hat
The Red Barron
Crown Fit For A King Or A Little Princess
Rescue Helicopter









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