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Balloon Animal Workshop

For children 5 years or older, Slappy the Clown performs a 10-minute Balloon Animal Workshop after the Balloon Animal Skit. Children watch and follow Slappy The Clown's instructions as he shows them how to create two very simple balloon toys. During the workshop, children learn how to make Willy The Wiener Dog and everyone's favorite - the GI-HUGIC baseball hat ! These are very easy balloon creations to make. We have even seen children as young as 4 years old make them. At the beginning of the workshop, Slappy The Clown blows up and ties off three balloons for each child - and then the Balloon Animal Workshop begins ! Slappy The Clown helps any child who has any trouble with their balloons. It is a real thrill for a child to twist a balloon animal with their own hands. They're so proud of their new creations ! 








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